Custom Designs

Hot Pride can create a custom design for you! We can use your logo and design something inspiring, humorous, engaging or simply promotional.

You will own all rights to that design, if that is what you contract for. Or, we can retain the rights to the design and use it in our store. In any case, let’s discuss what you’d like and how Hot Pride can make it happen for you.


Hot Pride tee-shirt orders can be 1 or as many as you like. You can even wear a one-of-a-kind shirt.
Here’s some ideas…
  • Did your friend’s horse just pass away? (Sorry :>(   How about gifting her a commenorative shirt with her horse’s photo and a caring message?
  • Design your “Please go to prom with me!” tee-shirt message
  • How about a marriage proposal?
  • Are you and your bridesmaids going to Cancun before the big day? Let’s do a design so they can all wear matching razorback shirts poolside! Awesome! 
  • On a bowling team or golf team? Don’t want to spend an arm & leg for embroidered shirts? We can design a special tee-shirt or collared shirt for your team.
  • We’ll take your logo and incorporate it in a beautiful 4 color image that represents your business. Your whole team can be wearing colorful eye-catching shirts that promote your biz! And, the best part is that you do not have to place a large order.
  • Hot Pride wants to help you fundraise. We can design a special event tee-shirt or one promoting your cause. Learn more about that on our Fundraising page.